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Join an online community dedicated to church media, tech, social media, and website development. Here, your questions find answers and your creativity connects. Empowering church creatives and teams to leverage technology for growth.

Developing the creative team and youth with skills in church media and technology.

Every pastor and church leader aspires to make a significant impact in their community, but excellent preaching and programs alone aren’t enough to realize that vision.

The success of your church depends on robust systems to support both current and future growth. Learn how Glorifying Academy empowers your church youth and creative team with the vital systems needed to create a sustainable church growth engine.

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We Want Your Church to Grow by Equipping Youth and Your Creative Team with the Latest Tools and Technology.

We want your church to experience healthy growth by equipping your creative team with the latest tools and technology. Our goal is to engage youth and empower your church creative team to effectively use media, tech, and innovative solutions to enhance your church’s outreach and engagement.

Church Social Media

Learn strategies and tools to expand your church's online reach and engagement. Communicate effectively, increase your audience, and build a vibrant online community.

Church Tech & Tools

Receive training in the latest technologies and tools to enhance your church's operations and outreach. Stay updated with solutions to streamline processes and improve your ministry.

Website Growth & Development

Get guidance on creating and maintaining effective church websites. Learn best practices for design, content management, and user experience to ensure an impactful online presence.

Career Opportunities

Explore insights and opportunities for building a career in church media and technology. Understand the roles, responsibilities, and pathways for professional growth in this dynamic field.

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Web Design & Development Course

Master Web Design & Development: From Beginner to Advanced. Build Church Websites to Business Websites with No Coding Experience Needed.”

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Now is the Time to Grow Your Church!

Empower Your Church with Media and Technology

Join our free workshop to discover the importance of church media and how it can enhance your church’s outreach and growth. This webinar will guide you through essential skills, introduce you to powerful design and editing tools, live broadcast software, free tools, and teach you how to effectively use media for your church’s mission.

You’ll also receive an in-depth overview of website development and management, ensuring your church has a strong and engaging online presence.

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